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N.C. Turnpike Authority Hosts Toll System Demonstration

CHARLOTTE – With the Monroe Expressway scheduled to open in late November, the North Carolina Turnpike Authority showcased the facility’s all-electronic toll system Tuesday.

Local leaders, stakeholders and members of the media had an opportunity to travel through a toll gantry, see toll transactions being created and learn more about how the all-electronic system works. 

“All-electronic tolling will provide our customers seamless travel to their destination without having to slow down or stop to pay tolls,” said Turnpike Authority Executive Director Beau Memory. “This demonstration is part of our ongoing effort to ensure our customers know what to expect when they take their first trip on the Monroe Expressway.”

This month, the Turnpike Authority received international recognition for its advanced toll system technology. The Authority is the first agency in the nation to read all three transponder protocols being identified for national interoperability in a tolling-environment. This type of technology is on the Triangle Expressway in Raleigh, and is also being implemented on the Monroe Expressway. In addition to directly supporting the drive for nationwide interoperability of electronic toll collection systems, the project allowed the Authority to begin offering customers free NC Quick Pass sticker transponders and lower-price E-ZPass interoperable transponders. 

NC Quick Pass is the Turnpike Authority's toll collection program for the Monroe Expressway, and offers drivers two ways to pay for tolls: a prepaid transponder account or the postpaid Bill by Mail program.

Transponder accounts allow tolls to be automatically deducted from a prepaid balance and provide drivers up to 35 percent off tolls in North Carolina. Drivers who do not wish to sign up for a transponder account will pay tolls through the Bill by Mail program. In this program, following travel, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice in the mail. Payments can be made online, through the NC Quick Pass automated phone system, at an NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center, or by mailing the detachable payment portion of the bill.

Drivers can open their NC Quick Pass accounts now, in advance of the opening of the Monroe Expressway. To sign up for an account, customers can stop by any of the customer service centers during business hours, visit, or call 877-769-7277 (1-877-7MY-PASS).


12/18/2018 2:24 PM