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Additional Crews Coming to Help Clear Ice in Southeastern NC

WILMINGTON — N.C. Department of Transportation employees have been working to clear roads of snow and ice in Southeastern North Carolina since early yesterday – and additional help is on the way. More than 40 pieces of equipment and operators either arrived yesterday or currently are in route to the area.   

The department is responsible for close to 12,000 lane miles in the six counties that comprise Division 3 (New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, Onslow, Duplin and Sampson) and prioritizes clearing interstates first, followed by U.S. and N.C routes before clearing secondary roads.

Unlike previous storms that have hit Southeastern North Carolina, this winter event was mostly ice, which makes it even more difficult to clear, especially with temperatures remaining significantly below freezing.

“Salt is only effective in helping melt the ice when the temperature is above 18 degrees, which makes clearing the roads more challenging,” said Division Engineer Karen Collette. “Areas that receive sunlight during the day, will be in better shape, but shady areas, bridges and curves will be worse. Any areas that are wet or slushy during the day, will refreeze over the next several nights.”

The department asks that drivers refrain from travel after sundown until the temperatures reach a safe level. For motorists who must drive during nighttime hours, please use reduce speed and use caution.

Please follow the link to learn how we respond to snow vs. ice.


7/10/2018 7:35 AM

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