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***EDITORS NOTE*** Engineers Put Saturday Brine Work on Hold Due to Changing Forecast:

WINSTON-SALEM – The changing forecast calls for a change in plans for the pre-treatment of Triad Roads today.

"Since precipitation is now not expected until 1 p.m. on Monday Jan. 8, when temperatures are above freezing, there is no need to pre-treat roads today," said NCDOT Maintenance engineer Brad Wall.

"We will check the forecast for changes over the next 24-hours and make a decision on whether or not the pre-treatment of roads with brine will again be necessary Sunday Jan. 7, for the Triad area," said NCDOT Maintenance engineer John Rhyne.

N.C. Department of Transportation select crews across Division 7, in  Guilford and Rockingham counties; and Division 9, crews across Stokes, Forsyth, Davidson, Davie and Rowan counties, plan on proactively treating the interstates and U.S. primary routes during daylight hours on Saturday Jan. 6, and Sunday Jan. 7, in anticipation of possible wintry weather early Monday Jan. 8.

“With ground temperatures hovering just below freezing, preparing the surfaces the best way we know how with brine will give drivers better conditions come rush hour Monday morning,” said NCDOT Maintenance engineer John Rhyne.

NCDOT treats major highways, bridges and overpasses in advance of a winter weather event with salt brine. In most conditions the brine helps keep ice and snow from sticking to road surfaces, making them easier to clear.

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7/10/2018 7:35 AM

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