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Small Slide Shutting Down One Lane of U.S. 74A

GERTON A short section of U.S. 74A between Gerton and Bat Cave will be reduced to one lane for at least several weeks.

N.C. Department of Transportation officials limited the two-lane highway to one lane — with a temporary signal controlling traffic — on Saturday when mud and debris covered the westbound lane. 

A small slide first started leaking onto the road last May following tropical storm Alberto. The heavy rains of 2018 continued deteriorating a section of private land.

Transportation officials are in the process of developing a long-term plan to repair the hillside and protect the highway below. Geotechnical experts will evaluate the area early this week and develop the outline for a long-term solution.

Minimal delays, one phase of signal light, are expected near the intersection with Grant Mountain Road. 


1/7/2019 3:30 PM