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City, State Study to Generate Scope for Merrimon

ASHEVILLE – The N.C. Department of Transportation and City of Asheville have decided to take additional time for the planning of adjacent intersection projects on U.S. 25/Merrimon Avenue.

NCDOT engineers and City staff officials will initiate a general study to examine the corridor between Interstate 240 and the Beaverdam neighborhood.

“Working with city staff and officials has already produced good ideas not only for Merrimon but for other projects in Asheville,” NCDOT Division 13 Engineer Mark Gibbs said. “We all share a desire to make Merrimon safe and functional for walking, cycling and driving in the near future and for many years to come.”

Transportation officials with both the City and NCDOT worked together in 2018 to determine the best course of action regarding proposed improvements along Merrimon Avenue.

Their collaborative work has resulted in a desire for high-level corridor study of Merrimon to determine how other facilities such as sidewalks, medians, and bike lanes should be considered.

“The City of Asheville and the NCDOT have a strong partnership and working relationship that we value very much,” said City Transportation Department Director Ken Putnam. “We look forward to our continued discussions regarding the Merrimon Avenue corridor as well as the many other planned and ongoing projects in the Asheville area. 

NCDOT and City staff will gather for a scoping meeting early this year to determine the exact nature of the study, with a focus on innovative approaches to designing a multimodal corridor to serve the neighborhood, business, and commuter traffic.

“We know that Merrimon is a critical highway in Asheville for residents, businesses, commuters and visitors,” Gibbs said. “Working with the City will help NCDOT provide the best possible facility to move traffic and accommodate the multimodal needs of the community.”


1/8/2019 4:07 PM