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N.C. Ferry System Creates Route-Specific Twitter Feeds


MANNS HARBOR – In an effort to give passengers easier access to up-to-date ferry information, the North Carolina Ferry System has created six new Twitter feeds that deliver real-time route-specific information on conditions and schedule delays or cancellations.

The six new feeds are as follows:

The main ferry feed at @NCDOT_Ferry will continue to post system-wide news and items of interest.

“This week’s extreme wind conditions are a perfect example of why we needed to do this,” said Ferry Division Director Harold Thomas. “Passengers can now get up-to-the-minute updates and notifications from the specific routes they use, rather than from all seven routes at once.”

Those interested in following a specific route will be able to set their smartphones to enable immediate push notifications directly to their devices. In addition, updates from all seven ferry feeds will be available on the Ferry System’s homepage at​.


4/4/2019 2:57 PM