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Ecusta Road Roundabout Open in Brevard


​BREVARD – The barricades are gone and the road is open.

N.C. Department of Transportation officials opened Ecusta Road in Brevard on Thursday morning after constructing a roundabout this fall.

The new roundabout is at the intersection of Ecusta Road and a new to-be-named road between U.S. 64 and U.S. 276 — and the adjoining multi-use path. The roundabout is part of an economic development project that includes the new road and four bridges over the Davidson River.

The opening will allow drivers on Ecusta Road, but the side roads off the roundabout are still under construction. Crews will be installing signs and other finishing details for the rest of the week and possibly next week.
Roundabouts are intended to improve safety by reducing crashes at intersections. They also can reduce congestion and traffic backups that occur at typical intersections with stop signs and traffic signals. Drivers typically can get through the roundabout quicker than waiting for a traffic signal to change or to taking turns at stop signs.

Visit NCDOT’s website for more information​ on roundabouts.​​


11/14/2019 9:11 AM