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The Monroe Expressway Celebrates One Year

CHARLOTTE –The Monroe Expressway celebrated its first anniversary today touting a successful first year for the roadway. Traffic continues to improve quarter over quarter, and the Turnpike Authority is on track to meet or exceed projections. Since its opening, the Monroe Expressway has seen over 25 million transactions. Transactions are calculated every time a vehicle drives under a toll gantry. 
The toll collection program managed by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority, NC Quick Pass, opened the two customer service centers ahead of the Monroe Expressway, in Monroe and Charlotte. Since the opening of the customer service centers, over 33,000 people have visited a customer service center in the region. 
“We intend to serve the people traveling in the Charlotte region for many years to come, and we are grateful for a successful first year in the area,” said Turnpike Authority Executive Director J.J. Eden. “We are hearing from customers who say they are making it to appointments and home from work faster and can spend more time with family and loved ones, that is why we do this work.”

For drivers who choose to use NC Quick Pass facilities, using a transponder is the cheapest and easiest way to pay to​lls. Customers are routinely saving over 25 minutes in one trip and adding NC Quick Pass to your routine will make that time savings easier than ever. 

NC Quick Pass customers:

  • Save 35% on tolls in North Carolina;
  • Seamlessly pay tolls from a prepaid account on any facility in North Carolina and partnering states; and
  • ​Pay lower rates on some E-Pass, E-ZPass, I-Pass, SunPass, and Peach Pass toll roads.
To learn more about the Turnpike Authority, Monroe Expressway, NC Quick Pass, and upcoming projects, please visit or


12/2/2019 2:30 PM