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McCrimmon Parkway Extension Linking Aviation Parkway, Airport Boulevard Opens

​MORRISVILLE – A N.C. Department of Transportation project to extend McCrimmon Parkway 1.6 miles between Aviation Parkway and Airport Boulevard is now complete and open to traffic.

The new four-lane, median-divided road with eight-foot sidewalks starts at the intersection where Evans Road currently ends at Aviation Parkway. This intersection was upgraded with additional southbound left and right turn lanes, as well as a northbound left-turn lane for traffic turning onto the new section of McCrimmon Parkway. Evans Road and McCrimmon Parkway now also have right and left-turn lanes to access Aviation Parkway.

The west end of the new section of road links to an existing section of McCrimmon Parkway that goes between Airport Boulevard and west of Perimeter Park Drive.

This extension connects with a part of McCrimmon Parkway that the Town of Morrisville built, filling the gap between where it had ended near Perimeter Park Drive and N.C. 54. It is also a four-lane median-divided road with eight-foot sidewalks and opened last August.

With both projects complete, McCrimmon Parkway is expected to provide some congestion relief for the heavily traveled section of N.C. 54 between Airport Boulevard and Aviation Parkway.

More improvements on the McCrimmon Parkway corridor are in the works. Future NCDOT projects will change the current intersection where it meets N.C. 54 and crosses over adjacent railroad tracks to an intersection that has traffic going over N.C. 54 and the railroad tracks, and the road will be widened to four lanes between there and Davis Drive.


4/9/2020 2:20 PM