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U.S. 25/70 Reopens Beside Slide

​MARSHALL – N.C. Department of Transportation officials reopened U.S. 25/70 on Sunday after NCDOT crews completed temporary repairs to a slide located one-half mile south of U.S. 25 Business.

On Sunday morning, vehicles began traveling in one northbound lane and both southbound lanes beside the slide area. A single lane closure heading north and the temporary repairs will remain in place until permanent repairs are authorized. 

Over the last five days crews from Buncombe and Madison counties used material from the slide and concrete barriers to construct a berm that prevents additional debris from reaching the travel lanes. The repairs will be monitored to ensure the safety of the traveling public. 

The highway carried an average of 9,800 vehicles per day during the 2018 traffic count. 

“We know this is one of the most important roads in Madison County and we wanted to be sure that it’s safe for drivers before we opened it back to traffic,” Division 13 Maintenance Engineer Tim Anderson said. “We want to remind drivers to remain aware, drive safe and observe all posted signs in the area.”​


6/7/2020 7:43 AM