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River Falls Drive Closure

River Falls Drive Road Closure Map

​​River Falls Drive Closure Map​

​The North Carolina Turnpike Authority is continuing construction of the southern portion of the Complete 540 project, which will extend the Triangle Expressway (Toll N.C. 540) from N.C. 55 Bypass to Interstate 40.

On or about June 22, River Falls Drive​​ will permanently close to traffic near the greenway trail entrance off River Falls Drive to the intersection of Mystic Pine Place. Road closure signs will be installed.

Construction activities regarding the closure of River Falls Drive will occur in two phases. In addition to the closure of River Falls Drive, phase I construction activities will include:

  • temporarily closing the existing pedestrian and bicycle greenway path connecting River Falls Drive to Mystic Pine Place
  • detouring pedestrian and bicycle traffic to River Falls Drive instead of the existing greenway path
  • constructing a pedestrian culvert where the project will cross the existing greenway path
  • clearing and grubbing
  • utility relocation
  • installation of erosion control devices
  • connecting the new pedestrian culvert to the existing greenway path

Neighbors south of the road closure will continue to be able to access Sunset Lake Road using Lockley Road. Phase I work is estimated to be complete spring 2021. Once complete, phase II will begin, and construction activities will include:

  • removing the pedestrian detour along River Falls Drive and re-opening the greenway path
  • completing the cul-de-sac on the north end of River Falls Drive and constructing a turnaround point on the south end of River Falls Drive

Please reference the map above for further details. It is recommended that pedestrian and bicycle traffic use the east side of the River Falls Drive when on the detour, use caution and be alert for construction activity in the area. If you have any questions, please contact the project team at or 1-800-554-7849.​


6/19/2020 3:19 PM