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Project to Replace Bridges, Rehab Capital Boulevard Now Complete

RALEIGH â€“ A major N.C. Department of Transportation project to replace the Capital Boulevard bridge over Peace Street and the Wade Avenue bridge over Capital Boulevard​ is now complete.

The new bridge over Peace Street replaces one that was 70 years old and considered structurally deficient. The Wade Avenue bridge, built in 1954, was also structurally deficient and had a weight restriction that limited the type of vehicle that could use it. Structurally deficient means that while the bridges are safe, they are in deteriorating condition, and need to be replaced.

At the northern edge of the project, additional work included adding sidewalks on both sides of Wade Avenue, as well as a new greenway between West Street under the Wade Avenue bridge and the off-ramp from Capital Boulevard to Wade Avenue.

At Peace Street, the former diamond-style interchange was replaced by a square loop interchange that now uses Johnson Street and Harrington Street (now extended to Peace Street) in the southwest quadrant. A new ramp was also added in the southeast quadrant. Bike lanes now go along to Peace Street between the interchange ramp endings, and sidewalks have been widened to 14 feet along Peace Street and most of the square loop.

Capital Boulevard was also completely rehabbed, and a new 10-foot grass median was added between Peace Street and Wade Avenue.

Artwork is scheduled to be installed on the two bridges later this year.


Editor's Note: Aerial footage of the project can be found here.


7/17/2020 11:38 AM