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NC Quick Pass to Resume Normal Business Policy

​Starting Oct. 26, the North Carolina Turnpike Authority intends to resume billing procedures for people that go at least 30 days without paying their NC Quick Pass invoices. NC Quick Pass will continue working with customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.​

As part of this return to normal policy, NC Quick Pass customers need to know:
  • Unpaid invoices will not be charged processing fees and civil penalties retroactively
  • Unpaid accounts will not be sent to a collection agency at this time
  • ​Fees are only assessed to accounts after an invoice is not paid after 30 days
  • The fee escalation process can be seen here
​In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective April 3, 2020, NC Quick Pass invoice past due procedures were suspended in order to provide much needed financial relief to customers. Toll collection policies were adjusted to allow customers additional time to pay their toll charges, without incurring processing fees and civil penalties. 

If customers have any questions relating to their account, visit and login to see any existing tolls, update your account or replenish your pre-paid balance. You can contact the customer service center at 877-769-7277. 


10/5/2020 12:55 PM