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Four Contracts Awarded to Improve Roads in Two NC Counties

CLINTON – More than 100 miles of southeastern North Carolina highways and roads will be improved after the N.C. Department of Transportation awarded four contracts to two companies.

The work for all four projects can begin as early as mid-March and includes milling, resurfacing, and grading the shoulders on sections of highways and secondary roads in Pender and Sampson counties.
Two contracts were awarded to S.T. Wooten Corp., of Wilson, to improve more than 57 miles of roadway in Pender County.

The first contract, for $2.6 million, will improve a section of U.S. 17, N.C. 210, three sections of N.C. 53 and three secondary roads. 

The other contract, for $3 million, will focus on improving a section of N.C. 210, N.C. 53, and seven sections of secondary roads. 

Contractors are expected to be complete with both in the spring of 2022.

The other two contracts were awarded to improve about 40 miles of Sampson County roads.
One contract, worth $2.3 million, was awarded to Barnhill Contracting Co. and will focus on 18 secondary roads throughout the county.

The other contact, awarded to S.T. Wooten Corp., will improve a section of N.C. 50 and 17 sections of secondary roads, totaling more than 29 miles. The contract is worth $3.5 million.

Work in Sampson County is expected to be complete in June 2022 for both contracts.

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12/22/2020 9:01 AM