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Fayetteville Sinkhole Requires Closure & Repairs

Fayetteville sink hole forms on Morganton Road


FAYETTEVILLE – The N.C. Department of Transportation closed Morganton Road near Skye Drive today to begin repairing a sinkhole that has gouged out about 8 feet of pavement and formed a hole at least 5 feet deep.

The sinkhole appeared Monday night, when NCDOT crews marked it off with orange-and-white drums, allowing one lane in each direction to remain open. But by Tuesday afternoon, the department closed the five-lane road to begin immediate repairs.

A combination of contract and NCDOT crews will excavate the hole and crumbling pavement through tonight under a set of light towers. They will install on Wednesday a large concrete box that will house two pipes that have become exposed by the sinkhole, but not damaged. The workers also will add backfill that includes dirt, rock and recycled material; then place about 4 inches of asphalt on top.

“If all goes according to plan, we'll have this road reopened by Friday," said Jason Dunigan, the NCDOT maintenance engineer for Cumberland County.

Dunigan said water seepage from a drainage pipe likely caused the ground below the pavement to erode over time, eventually creating the sunken depression that has buckled the pavement.

The city of Fayetteville recommends motorists avoid the area and use alternate routes, such as Fort Bragg Road. Detour signs will guide other drivers to use North Churchill Drive, Fort Bragg Road and Devers Street. Drivers should expect a longer commuter and approach the work site with caution.

NCDOT will post the road is back open to its Fayetteville Twitter feed.​


4/13/2021 4:00 PM