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Guilford County Intersection to be Converted to All-Way Stop to Improve Safety

GREENSBORO – The N.C. Department of Transportation plans to modify the intersection of Rankin Mill Road and Hines Chapel Road northeast of Greensboro and just outside of the Urban Loop.

The intersection currently requires vehicles to stop on Hines Chapel Road, but not Rankin Mill Road.  The department plans to make the junction an all-way stop on Aug. 18, weather permitting.

The installation of new signs and roadway markings is expected to start at 9 a.m. and be completed by 3 p.m. Drivers should slow down, obey workers controlling traffic and proceed through the intersection with caution during its reconfiguration.

An NCDOT investigation of traffic volumes and the number and severity of crashes warranted the change. Converting intersections into all-way stops has been shown to reduce fatalities and injuries by 77%.

These improvements are being made through NCDOT's SPOT Safety Program, which identifies safety projects that are expected to be the most beneficial and feasible and address departmental goals.

People can visit the department's all-way stop webpage to learn more information, including what to do when encountering one.​


8/16/2021 1:14 PM