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Ocracoke Express Carries 16,594 Passengers in 2021 Season

Ocracoke Express Passenger Ferry

​The Ocracoke Express passenger ferry arrives in Hatteras.​​

​OCRACOKE – More than 16,500 people got out of their cars and onto the Ocracoke Express passenger ferry this summer, and surveys revealed that the third season of passenger ferry service was a popular one.

The season, which began June 21 and ended on Labor Day, saw a total of 16,594 people use the passenger ferry service, which allowed riders to skip the vehicle ferry waits and cruise directly between Hatteras and Ocracoke Village. A total of 1,020 passengers brought their bicycles along for the ride. This season, the Ocracoke Express served an average of 213 passengers a day, more than double the 97 per day of 2020.

Passenger surveys taken over the 2021 season showed the service as a popular option, with 94% of respondents rating it as either “Excellent” or “Good.” Among the comments received, one passenger said “It’s a lovely ride, it’s easy to manage, the people are all super friendly and it could not be more convenient. It makes the whole day more enjoyable!”

The Ferry Division is looking forward to continuing its passenger ferry service during the 2022 summer season.


9/14/2021 4:10 PM