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Work on Wrightsville Beach Bridge May Impact Boaters

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH – While N.C. Department of Transportation contract crews continue work on the South Banks Channel Bridge, boaters should be cautious of changes that could impact their path. 

Now through the fall, repairs to preserve the bridge are taking place seven days a week. During this period, the vertical clearance will be reduced, and most vessels will need to use an alternate route.

The contractor has taken the following precautions:

  • Yellow safety ropes have been positioned and flagged on both the south and north outside columns of the bridge to prevent boaters from entering an area with cables for the safe span, which is temporary work platform underneath bridge.

  • Cables are being flagged along the safe span, which continues to be built.

  • Dawn to dusk hazard lights have been positioned across the bridge to provide nighttime awareness.

  • Two construction signs have been placed on both the south and north sides of the bridge alerting boaters of a low clearance and to use an alternate route. 

These precautions will be reviewed often to ensure they are visible and working to alert the public of these changes.​


2/18/2022 2:32 PM