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North Carolina Turnpike Authority Cautions Customers About Unauthorized Payment Vendors

RALEIGH – Throughout the state, unauthorized payment vendors have been targeting NC Quick Pass customers, promising easier bill payments to drivers that do not have a pre-paid NC Quick Pass transponder. These companies not only charge a fee for their service, but the delivery of payments made on behalf of customers is often delayed, resulting in fees and penalties to drivers.

During the months of December and January, more than 4,000 customers used unauthorized payment vendors and were impacted by late payments and fees. NCTA has taken legal action against these companies and is encouraging drivers to only make payments directly through the NC Quick Pass website at or the customer service center.

“NC Quick Pass is committed to providing drivers with efficient, friendly, and reliable customer service," said Angela Queenland, Manager of Customer Service at NC Quick Pass. “Customers can avoid fraud, potential late-fees, and save 35% on all future tolls in North Carolina by ordering a pre-paid NC Quick Pass transponder. Our customer service team is also available to work with drivers to avoid potential late fees caused by unauthorized payment vendors."

Paying your NC Quick Pass Toll Invoice

The most reliable way to pay tolls is with an NC Quick Pass transponder or at

1. Only Make Payments Directly to NC Quick Pass

Customers who receive a toll invoice in the mail from NC Quick Pass can make payments directly to NC Quick Pass. To pay online, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Click the blue box on the top right of the webpage that says, “Pay My Bill"
  • Enter your invoice number and vehicle information then follow the steps on your screen

2. Order a Free NC Quick Pass Transponder

Drivers who want to save 35% on future tolls in North Carolina can open an NC Quick Pass account and order a free transponder online by following the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Click the blue box on the top middle of the page that says, “Open New Account"
  • Follow the instructions listed on your screen


2/23/2022 12:33 PM