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Buy More, Save More on Group Train Tickets


RALEIGH – Are you planning a train trip in North Carolina with a group of up to eight people? You can now buy more train tickets at a discount.  

Starting today, NC By Train will expand its Share Fares discount for groups of seven or eight passengers who buy full price adult tickets. Previously, the discount was extended to groups of up to six passengers. 
Thanks to the discount, larger groups will receive a larger percentage off of the full price for tickets.

The following shows the discount for groups of between three and eight passengers: 

  • 17% off for groups of 3;

  • 30% off for groups of 4; 

  • 39% off for groups of 5; 

  • 47% off for groups of 6; 

  • 54% off for groups of 7; and

  • 60% off for groups of 8.

Tickets must be purchased at least two days in advance of the trip. When booking at, use discount code: V219.​


9/1/2022 12:00 PM