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I-95 North Bridge in Dunn Reopened This Afternoon

DUNN – The left lane of the Interstate 95 North bridge in Dunn was reopened at 3:30 p.m., after test results of the steel beams impacted by a Tuesday incident showed no damage.

The bridge at Exit 73 was closed Tuesday afternoon when a box truck caught fire after stalling underneath the bridge.

This morning, inspectors from two units of the N.C. Department of Transportation that specialize in bridges and the testing of materials traveled to the scene to collect samples and assess the damage.

This afternoon, the results showed it was safe to reopen the bridge.

Some minor repair work must be completed before the right lane can be reopened.

The NCDOT anticipates reopening the right lane by around 7 tonight. When the right lane is reopened, U.S. 421 North, which was closed as a safety measure, will be reopened, too.​


9/14/2022 5:50 PM