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Thanksgiving Safety Campaign Has Simple Message: Buckle Up.


​RALEIGH – Please buckle up if you’re driving or riding anywhere this Thanksgiving.

That’s the message coming from the N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program as part of this year’s Thanksgiving Click It or Ticket campaign. 

“This is traditionally one of the busiest times for travel, but we want people to get where they’re going safely,” said Mark Ezzell, director of the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “The sad truth is most of these deaths and injuries are preventable. If people wore seat belts every time they get into a vehicle, we would save so many lives.”

The campaign, which runs from Nov. 21-27, aims to encourage motorists to buckle up through innovative and extensive enforcement and education, including seat belt checks in all North Carolina counties.

Last year, more than 1,700 people were killed and thousands more injured in vehicle crashes ​​on North Carolina roads. One of the main contributors are people who don’t wear seat belts. In 2021, 555 people died and 1,150 were seriously injured in unbuckled crashes.

Ezzell urges everyone to wear a seat belt for long trips and even short trips no matter where you sit in the vehicle.

“Whether you’re driving, riding as a passenger up front or in the back seat, or if have a young person riding in a child safety seat – everyone should be buckled up,” Ezzell said. 

Some other ways people can drive safely this holiday season include:

  • Obey all speed limits.
  • Never drive impaired, tired or distracted.
  • Slow down and always maintain a safe following distance between you and other vehicles. 

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11/18/2022 12:09 PM