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Dozens of Wake County Roads to be Resurfaced


​WAKE COUNTY – Thanks to new contracts, a few sections of U.S. 70 and dozens of sections of local secondary roads will be resurfaced.

The N.C. Department of Transportation recently awarded a $4.8 million contract to Carolina Sunrock LLC of Raleigh to resurface about 8 miles of roadway composed of three sections of U.S. 70 and five sections of secondary roads. The three sections of U.S. 70 are Dawson, McDowell, and South Saunders streets between Interstate 40 and the CSX bridge on the south side of downtown Raleigh.

The state also awarded a nearly $5.3 million contract to Fred Smith Company of Raleigh to resurface 62 additional sections of secondary roads in the county totaling more than 24 miles.

The contractors can begin as early as March 2023 and are expected to complete the work by September 2024.


12/13/2022 3:09 PM