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NC By Train Ridership Breaks Record for Second Consecutive Month

​​​NC By Train breaks record for number of passengers in October.

RALEIGH – After reporting a record-breaking month in September, NC By Train, the state’s intercity passenger rail service, again achieved a new monthly high for ridership in October.

The Carolinian and Piedmont trains carried 55,493 passengers in October, beating September’s record of 48,488 passengers by over 14%. 

“What a fantastic accomplishment for the traveling public,” state Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette said. “We are excited to see record numbers of our citizens and visitors choose to ride NC By Train. The train offers people an easy way to travel without the stress of a drive.”

In addition to making its regular stops, NC By Train passengers in October were also able to make a one-day special stop in Lexington for The Barbecue Festival and a stop at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh during the N.C. State Fair.

With the holiday season around the corner, the N.C. Department of Transportation encourages people to skip the traffic and take the train to visit family and friends. NC By Train has large seats, outlets for charging your electronics at each seat, free WiFi, and large windows so passengers can watch the beauty of North Carolina roll by.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the train and can use this link to receive a 15% discount on their travel. NC By Train also offers the Share Fare, which allows groups of up to eight people to save money with each additional ticket that is purchased.

Visit NC By Train for more information and to buy tickets. 


11/9/2022 1:58 PM