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Columbus County Bridge Project Requires Traffic Shift

LAKE WACCAMAW – Drivers on Friday will be shifted to a temporary pattern where Chauncey Town Road is under reconstruction at U.S. 74/76.

The state Transportation Department is converting this intersection at Lake Waccamaw into an interchange with on/off ramps that will carry Chauncey Town Road over the highway.

A contractor will shift traffic on Friday morning, March 17, from the current Chauncey Town Road to a parallel road that has been constructed. Drivers will use this temporary road – known as an on-site detour – while the bridge is built.

The temporary road will maintain the reduced-conflict intersection, constructed in 2021, that redirects drivers into turning right onto U.S. 74/76 for safety.

This interchange and the conversion of the nearby Old Lake Road into a bridge over U.S. 74/76 are part of a $44 million contract awarded last year. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in 2025.


3/15/2023 10:08 AM