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This Month's Saved by Belt Winner Learned Firsthand to Always Buckle Up


Marion Police Officer Breanna Toney says she's grateful she always wears a seat belt after a serious head-on collision she had with another vehicle. ​
RALEIGH – Breanna Toney’s job as a police officer taught her the importance of buckling up. 

But it was a crash in her personal vehicle that provided Toney the most valuable lesson. Toney was driving to work in Marion last January when another vehicle crossed into her path and collided head on with Toney’s Dodge Charger. Toney survived but was seriously injured.

“I understand the importance of wearing a seatbelt and I’m thankful I always wear mine, especially that day,” Toney said. “I know my seatbelt prevented me from further injury in the crash.”

Toney’s decision earned her this month’s “Saved by the Belt” award, which the N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program uses to highlight the stories of crash victims who escaped serious injury or death because they decided to wear a seatbelt. The program, which is part of the N.C. Department of Transportation, advocates for traffic safety. 

“Unfortunately, many people who don’t wear a seatbelt are not as fortunate as Officer Toney,” said Mark Ezzell, director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “Statistics and peoples’ personal experiences don’t lie. Seatbelts save lives. If you’re headed anywhere and you’re going to be in a vehicle even for a few minutes, you should always buckle up first.”

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3/31/2023 12:28 PM