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'Safety City' Returns to Educate N.C. State Fairgoers on Vehicle Safety

​'Safety City' returns to the N.C. State Fair to educate fairgoers about the importance of safety whether you're in an automobile or a boat. The state fair, which is held in Raleigh, starts Thursday and runs through Oct. 22.

​RALEIGH – North Carolina state fairgoers are encouraged to stop by 'Safety City' during this year's fair to learn about vehicle safety, whether you're on the road or on the water. 

The N.C. Governor's Highway Safety Program and its law enforcement and other partners will host the 'Safety City' exhibit at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh from Oct. 12-22 behind the Gov. Kerr Scott Building at 4285 Trinity Road. 

'Safety City' includes interactive displays and promotional materials to illustrate the importance of wearing seat belts, observing speed limits, avoiding distractions while driving and never operating a vehicle or boat while impaired. 'Safety City' will include the displays from the following partners:

Safety City can be easily accessed through Gate Nine off Trinity Road. For more information, visit or​


10/12/2023 11:22 AM