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Fayetteville Corridor Will Be Upgraded

FAYETTEVILLE – A project is coming to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety on Cedar Creek Road, after the state Transportation Department awarded a $1.4 million contract last week.

A traffic signal will be installed where drivers on South Plymouth Street now must stop at Cedar Creek Road, which is also N.C. 53/N.C. 210. This intersection on Fayetteville's east side warrants a traffic light based on crash and traffic data.

Because a lot of pedestrians use Cedar Creek Road, a sidewalk and a pair of rectangular rapid flashing beacons will be installed at Troy Drive. A pedestrian pushes a button to activate the beacon, which alerts drivers to stop for someone intending to use the marked crosswalk.

In addition, a raised median and designated U-turn lane will be constructed along Cedar Creek Road in this vicinity in order to lower a pattern of frontal-impact crashes. These type of collisions often involved a driver attempting to cross both directions on Cedar Creek Road and striking another car. 

Fayetteville-based Highland Paving Co. can start work in January, and will have until the fall of 2024 to finish.


12/13/2023 8:37 AM