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All NC Quick Pass Transponders Accepted for Toll Payments in E-ZPass States

‚ÄčAll NC Quick Pass customers with a transponder can now effortlessly pay tolls anywhere E-ZPass is accepted. E-ZPass now accepts out-of-state sticker transponders to pay tolls on their systems.

Previously, NC Quick Pass customers using the free NC Quick Pass Sticker transponder could only pay tolls in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. As a result of this technology upgrade by E-ZPass, NC Quick Pass customers can now travel in 19 states with their free NC Quick Pass Sticker transponder.

The sticker transponder cannot be used to travel HOV out of state. Customers can use the NC Quick Pass Flex transponder for HOV travel in E-ZPass states with applicable HOV options. As a reminder, customers need to keep their NC Quick Pass account information up to date including their license plate, address and payment method.

Customers can save 35% on tolls in North Carolina and travel more places than ever with the free NC Quick Pass Sticker transponder. Get started by visiting


2/15/2024 3:21 PM