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Improvements Coming to Cabarrus County Intersection

MIDLAND – Motorists traveling on N.C. 24/27 will soon experience a new traffic pattern at the Pine Bluff/Reed Mine Road intersection, thanks to a $1 million project expected to get underway later this month.

Contractor J.T. Russell & Sons, Inc. of Albemarle will convert the existing intersection to a reduced conflict intersection, or RCI. The RCI simplifies traffic movements by removing the number of conflict points, or possible locations, where vehicles can collide.

Side-street traffic is redirected to turn right to enter the flow of traffic, while drivers wanting to go in the opposite direction simply enter a lane to make a U-turn. This design reduces the risk of collisions and allows drivers to travel more quickly through the corridor.

A permanent change in the pattern will see drivers approaching N.C. 24/27 from the side roads turning right, then making a U-turn to reach their destination.

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3/11/2024 3:00 PM