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Statewide 'Operation Firecracker Booze It & Lose It' Campaign Underway


​RALEIGH – Show your patriotic spirit and keep America safe and be aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. 

The annual ‘Booze it and Lose it’ campaign, which begins today and ends on July 7, uses public outreach and stepped-up law enforcement to discourage drunk driving. Statewide, law enforcement will be patrolling and doing more checkpoints to promote safety and remove impaired drivers from the roads.

“Celebrating this time of year often involves alcohol, which can lead to additional impaired driving crashes,” said Mark Ezzell, director of North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “Last year, 388 people died in crashes involving drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. That’s unacceptable. Our law enforcement partners from Murphy to Manteo will be working this campaign to catch impaired drivers.”

A total of 162 alcohol-related crashes and four fatalities occurred on North Carolina roads during the Fourth of July weekend in 2023, according to crash data from the N.C. Department of Transportation. The “Booze It & Lose It” campaign serves as a reminder that there are severe consequences for reckless behavior.

“Finding a sober ride home is one of the simplest things you can do to prevent summer fun from turning into a tragedy,” said Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead. “All too often we see impaired drivers injure themselves and others when they choose to drive under the influence. That’s why my deputies will be joining with law enforcement from across the state during Operation Firecracker to do our part to stop people from driving impaired and doing harm to others out on the road.”
There are plenty of safe ways to arrive safely to a destination, including designating a sober driver or calling a taxi or rideshare service. It is always good to plan ahead and work towards making a safer environment and a safer holiday for everyone. Please visit NCDOT’s website to learn more about the campaign and consequences of impaired driving.


6/24/2024 10:55 AM