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New Bridge Coming to Durant Road

​​​​RALEIGH – Construction on a new bridge can start soon thanks to an $18 million contract awarded by the N.C. Department of Transportation, largely funded by the $1.09 billion federal grant for the S-Line project between Raleigh and Wake Forest.

Blythe Construction out of Charlotte entered the lowest of eight bids to win the project, which involves building a bridge for Durant Road to pass over the railroad track, allowing for uninterrupted vehicular and train traffic. The elimination of the at-grade railroad crossing will improve safety and reduce train horn noise.

Traffic along Durant Road will continue to flow during construction, which will take place adjacent to the existing roadway.

The new portion of the road will continue to be five lanes, have sidewalks on both sides and wide, outside lanes for shared use with bicycles. Leslieshire Drive and Garvey Drive will retain access to Durant Road in the new, future alignment.

Work can start as early as late July and is scheduled to be substantially finished by fall of 2026.​​​


7/3/2024 8:44 AM