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Public Hearing for Proposed Rule Changes to Title 19A of N.C. Administrative Code

​​​​​​​​​The N.C. Department of Transportation is holding a public hearing for 12 proposed rule changes.

A public meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019
3 p.m.
NCDOT Transportation Mobility & Safety Unit
Greenfield Parkway Buidling
Conference Room 161
750 N. Greenfield Parkway
Garner, NC

  • 19A NCAC 02D.1101
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1102
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1103
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1104
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1105
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1106
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1107
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1108
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1109
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1110
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1111
  • 19A NCAC 02D.1112

Public Comment

All statements and comments will be recorded and transcribed.

comments can also be submitted by will be provided at the meeting or can be submitted by Feb. 18, 2019, via phone, email or mail.

For additional information or to mail comments, contact:

Jamille Robbins
Environmental Analysis Unit
1598 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1598,

Special Accommodations

NCDOT will provide auxiliary aids and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act for disabled persons who wish to participate in this workshop.

Anyone requiring special services should contact as early as possible:

Jamille Robbins
Environmental Analysis Unit

Persons who do not speak English, or have a limited ability to read, speak or understand English, may receive interpretive services upon request prior to the meeting by calling 1-800-481-6494.

Aquellas personas no hablan inglés, o tienen limitaciones para leer, hablar o entender inglés, podrían recibir servicios de interpretación si los solicitan antes de la reunión llamando al 1-800-481-6494.

1/3/2019 2:55 PM