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Freight & NCPass

The N.C. Department of Transportation's transponder system, NCPass, helps monitor the weight and safety compliance of commercial trucks on North Carolina's highways.

The voluntary program, implemented in 2007, allows motor carriers with up-to-date credentials to bypass North Carolina's weigh stations. This results​​ in numerous benefits, including:
  • Better oversight and enforcement of motor carrier compliance
  • Reduced backups at weigh stations
  • More efficient travel time for trucks, particularly those authorized to bypass stations
  • Increased highway safety
  • Reduced fuel consumption and noxious emissions

How NCPass Works

​​Motor carriers with a good compliance history and safety record enroll in NCPass and are authorized to bypass weigh stations in North Carolina.

As a truck equipped with NCPass approaches a weigh station, a roadside reader detects the transponder and alerts the driver if the truck is authorized to bypass the station. The weigh station is alerted with an image of the truck, along with its identification information.

The transponder will alert drivers if they are not cleared to bypass a weigh station.


Any trucking company can apply for the program at the NCPass website. Enrollment is available for an annual fee. ​

The program is operated and maintained by International Road Dynamics Inc.


7/22/2020 1:45 PM