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Goals & Vision

Goals & Vision

The N.C. Department of Transportation's roots lie in the State Highway Commission, formed in 1915.

In 1941, the N.C. General Assembly created the Department of Motor Vehicles, consolidating services previously provided by the Secretary of State and the Department of Revenue.

The Executive Organization Act of 1971 then combined the State Highway Commission and the Department of Motor Vehicles to form the N.C. Department of Transportation and Highway Safety.

In 1979, "Highway Safety" was dropped from the department's name when the Highway Patrol Division transferred to the newly created Department of Crime Control and Public Safety.

Today, NCDOT has evolved into a multimodal agency committed to supporting the travelers, economy and overall well-being of North Carolina by providing a comprehensive statewide transportation system that encompasses all forms of travel.

The department's vision, mission and goals guide its daily operations to ensure its wide range of projects and services meet the state's growing transportation needs.

Our Vision

NCDOT: A global leader in providing innovative transportation solutions

Our Mission

Connecting people, products and places safely and efficiently with customer focus, accountability and environmental sensitivity to enhance the economy and vitality of North Carolina

Our Goals

  • Make transportation safer
  • Provide GREAT customer service
  • Deliver and maintain our infrastructure effectively and efficiently
  • Improve the reliability and connectivity of the transportation system
  • Promote economic growth through better use of our infrastructure
  • Make our organization a great place to work

Our Values

Seven core values guide the N.C. Department of Transportation in its everyday decision-making. Adhering or not adhering to them directly affects the Department's achievements and success.

  • Safety - We are dedicated to providing a safe transportation network and work environment.
  • Customer Service - We serve our customers in a respectful, professional and timely manner.
  • Diversity - We respect one another while drawing strength from our diverse opinions, ideas and experiences.
  • Integrity - We earn and maintain trust through accountability, transparency and data-driven decisions.
  • Quality - We pursue excellence in delivering our projects, programs, services and initiatives.
  • Teamwork - We work together using our diverse strengths and skills, collaborating to solve problems and serve our communities.
  • Innovation - We promote the development and use of new and better solutions.

7/10/2018 10:18 AM