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WalkBikeNC, North Carolina's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, was adopted by the NCDOT Board of Transportation in December 2013. The adoption concluded an 18-month planning process that included comprehensive stakeholder and public engagement across the entire State. The Plan lays out a framework for improving bicycle and pedestrian transportation as a means to enhance mobility, safety, personal health, the economy, and the environment.

The WalkBikeNC website serves as a gateway to access the many bicycle and pedestrian resources across the State. The website is organized by the five pillars, safety, health, economy, mobility, and environment. Within each pillar portal is a summary of existing conditions, recommendations, action steps, and other resources. The website also includes a link to the new state bike route map application site (ncbikeways.com) along with a listing of bicycle/pedestrian advocacy groups.

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For further information on walking and bicycling in North Carolina, visit the Division of Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation page on the NCDOT website.

oldsite-compressorThe previous walkbikenc.com was used as a public input portal during the statewide planning process

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