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North Carolina's transportation system is one of the most important elements of our public environment, and it currently poses barriers to healthy living through active transportation. In North Carolina, 65% of adults are either overweight or obese(1). As of 2011, only 46.8% of North Carolina adults were performing the minimum recommended amount of weekly physical activity (North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics). Recent reports have estimated the annual direct medical cost of physical inactivity in North Carolina at $3.67 billion, plus an additional $4.71 billion in lost productivity(2).

(1) North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics. (2007).Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2007 Results. (2) Be Active North Carolina. (2012). Tipping the Scales: The High Cost of Unhealthy Behavior in North Carolina.
Contribute to improved public health by providing active living environments with safe, connected, accessible facilities along with programs that encourage walking and bicycling.
Goal : Improve coordination and data sharing for better evaluation and monitoring of success for health indicators. Make health a priority in transportation decisions.

WalkBikeNC sets a course for addressing these health concerns. Learn more in this module about health issues in North Carolina. We need your help to make North Carolina a healthier place, where walking and bicycling are feasible and accessible for more residents!

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