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Property Damage Claims

​Individuals who suffer injury or property damage, such as vehicles damaged because of a pothole or mailbox knocked down as a result of a snow plow, can file a damage claim to request reimbursement​.​

Submit a Claim Online​​

For submitting a claim through mail, download and complete a Citizen Incident Statement and mail it to the N.C. Department of Transportation in the county where the damage occurred.


If a vehicle was damaged because of a pothole, NCDOT generally submits the driver's claim, as well as its own report, to the N.C. State Attorney General's Office, which will determine whether NCDOT knew about the pothole and made an effort to repair it within a reasonable length of time.

If the Attorney General's Office denies the claim, drivers can appeal to the N.C. Industrial Commission. For more information, conta​ct the Attorney General's Office.

If a vehicle was damaged in a work zone for a contracted project, NCDOT will forward the driver's claim to the contractor, who is responsible for the road conditions in the construction area.


6/23/2022 3:36 PM