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Other Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I get a road added to the North Carolina transportation system?
    ​Contact the N.C. Department of Transportation maintenance office in your county to discuss the process and file the proper paperwork for adding a road to the state transportation system.
  • How do I get a street name sign for my road?
    Street name signs are installed by counties and municipalities. Contact your county manager's office to find out your county's policy for installing street name signs. The N.C. Department of Transportation allows counties by encroachment agreement to install these signs on the right of way if they meet NCDOT standards.
  • How do I obtain a permit for oversize, overweight or overlength loads?

    ​To get an overweight, overlength or oversize permit, you must contact the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Central Permit Unit in Raleigh.

    Please have the following information ready when you call:

    • Applicant's name, address and telephone number
      Type of vehicle (tractor/trailer or truck) being used for haul

    • Gross weight, gross licensed weight and total number axles of combination

    • Width

    • Length (overall length is from the front of the truck to the back of the trailer including overhang of load, if any)

    • Height

    • Front and rear overhangs (if any)

    • Commodity transported or towed

    • Origin, destination, requested routes of travel, including route numbers

    • Trailer license number and state with which it is registered, truck license number and state in which it is registered

    • If moving a mobile home, its serial number

    After ordering a permit from the Central Permit Unit, a pre-issue will be printed at the local NCDOT office you provided at the time of application. Please call that office before pickup to ensure the office has received your issue. A fee ranging from $12 to $36 will be charged upon receipt of permit.

    House moves are processed through local NCDOT transportation divisions and district offices and require the same information as single-trip permits.

    Permittees must notify local law enforcement and officials and arrange an escort from the N.C. State Highway Patrol.

    The application fee to move a house is $20. If the application is approved, there is no fee for the permit. House moves should be done by licensed house movers.

    For reference purposes, a copy of permit applications may be obtained from the local NCDOT office.

  • How can I find out how many vehicles use a given road?
    ​Traffic count maps are produced annually and posted online. You may also request one by sending a message to the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Survey Group.
  • Who will get traffic paint off my vehicle?
    Painting centerlines and edge lines on roads is a routine part of highway maintenance. When painting, N.C. Department of Transportation staff uses a slow-moving caravan to identify the work area and protect the paint job and traffic from each other. Employees also place signs warning motorists about the work area before painting begins and then puts cones on the wet paint.

    If you think NCDOT is at fault for paint on your vehicle, you can fill out a claim form and mail it to the NCDOT office in the county where the damage occurred. The decision to pay the claim rests with NCDOT’s insurance company.

    Although the paint used is water-based, once it is dry it is difficult to remove. It is recommended that you talk to a professional body shop about removal.
  • What are "LOGO" signs, and who can get one?
    “LOGO” signs are service signs that show the symbol or logo of the service business that is signed. Availability is limited by many factors, including the presence of other signs in the area and the number of positions on the LOGO sign.

    Businesses pay maintenance fees to have their signs in place. For more information, visit our LOGO Signing Program page.

7/1/2019 5:26 PM