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Road Maintenance & Maintenance Requests

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  • During winter weather, how can I find out when my road will be cleared?
    ​The N.C. Department of Transportation’s snow-clearing policy outlines the priorities for clearing snow and ice from roadways. Learn more about how NCDOT responds to winter weather.
  • How do I request a culvert for a driveway or report a blocked culvert or ditch?
    Installing a culvert requires joint commitments and cooperation from the landowner and the N.C. Department of Transportation.

    To request a culvert, submit a drainage issue form to initiate a request. Submit a culvert blockage form to report a blocked culvert or ditch.
  • Whom do I contact to request that a gravel road be scraped or new gravel applied?
    ​For maintenance on state-maintained gravel roads, contact the N.C. Department of Transportation maintenance office in your county.
  • When will a road be eligible for paving or resurfacing?
    Road maintenance is based on planning and budget allocations.

    Contact the N.C. Department of Transportation maintenance office in your county to check the status of a planned project or to suggest that a road be paved or resurfaced.
  • What are the factors considered for installing reflectors on a road?
    ​Reflectors are installed on heavily traveled roads that have centerline markings when they are resurfaced and on major construction projects. Primary routes and secondary roads carrying more than 3,000 vehicles per day are also considered for reflectors.

    The N.C. Department of Transportation’s traffic engineering office lets a contract each year to install new reflectors and replace ones that are worn out. To suggest adding reflectors to a road, contact the NCDOT maintenance office in your county.
  • Why do some paved roads not have centerlines and edge lines painted?
    Generally, dead-end roads and subdivision roads do not require markings. There are exceptions when a traffic engineering investigation has determined that markings would improve safety.

    Striping of residential roads is only considered if the homeowners association makes a request in writing. HOAs need to canvass their members on the issue first, because some residents might not want the road painted.

7/1/2019 9:52 AM