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Comprehensive State Rail Plan

Developed every five years in compliance with the U.S. Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act, the N.C. Department of Transportation's Comprehensive State Rail Plan helps identify needs and guides investments in North Carolina's freight and passenger rail network for the next 25 years.

Last approved and adopted Aug. 5, 2015, by the N.C. Board of Transportation Multimodal Committee, the plan establishes the public vision for North Carolina's rail system and supports the state's goals and policies when it comes to rail.

The plan also:

  • Analyzes and prioritizes rail corridors, programs and proposed projects.
  • Proposes future improvements and investments and assesses funding options
  • Provides a current inventory of the rail system and identifies trends, markets and needs
  • Describes how programs managed by the Rail Division work with other government agencies, businesses and industries to deliver rail services that are integrated in the state's overall transportation system.

The plan includes key recommendations in the areas of freight rail, passenger rail, safety and funding.

6/11/2019 12:30 PM