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S-Line Raleigh to Richmond Project


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The S-Line Raleigh to Richmond, or R2R, ​project involves the development, implementation, and operation of passenger rail service on the Southeast Corridor.​

This rail service will provide future high-performance passenger rail services connecting communities from Raleigh to Richmond, Va. Since its formation, the Federal Railroad Administration has recognized the importance of high-performance rail in the U.S. In 1992,​ the Southeast Corridor were the first routes connecting Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond and Washington, D.C.

The project is being done in​ partnership between the N.C. Department of Transportation and the Virginia Rail Passenger Authority. 

What is the S-Line?

The S-Line is a freight rail corridor, owned by CSX, that connects Richmond to Tampa, Fla. 

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Environmental Documentation 

North Carolina and Virginia have been preparing and completing National Environmental Policy Act documentation for the S-Line corridor. These required documents were completed for the Raleigh to Richmond segment of the Southeast Corridor under the name of Southeast High-Speed Rail Project.

These include:

1/24/2024 3:31 PM