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Industry & Economic Engagement

​​​​​An efficient and forward-looking transportation network is a key asset for industry. The continued engagement of economic development professionals and community planners helps the N.C. Department of Transportation serve the needs of industry and support economic growth across our state.

A key initiative of the Office of Logistics & Freight is managing the ongoing Statewide Freight Advisory Committee and regional freight councils. Both groups provide an effective forum to engage a diverse representation of freight and transportation stakeholders, making sure planning decisions are well-informed, regionally relevant, and aligned with the strategic planning efforts of the N.C. Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan and NCDOT.

The committee also promotes the sharing of information between sectors and educates about the role of freight in North Carolina’s economy.

There are six Regional Freight Advisory Councils:

​Advisory Council​Status
​North Central​In development
​Southeastern​In development​

4/18/2022 11:01 AM