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Pedestrian Safety Between Intersections

This photo shows pedestrians crossing a crosswalk
​​​What Does the Data Say? 

On average, about 1,300 pedestrian-related crashes occur per year between intersections, about 60% of all pedestrian-related crashes. An average of 155 pedestrian fatalities occurs per year between intersections, about 75% of all pedestrian fatalities.

Pedestrian-related crashes between intersections: 

  • Occur most commonly when crossing the road (48 percent of the time) but also occur frequently when the pedestrian is walking along the roadway (25 percent)

  • Typically occur in urban commercial and residential areas

  • Are spread across a variety of speed limits with 26 percent occurring on 40-45 mph roads and 18 percent occurring on 50-55 mph roads

  • Are more likely to occur at night compared to intersection crashes.

Marked Crosswalks

Crosswalks and between intersection crosswalks are used to help pedestrians cross busy streets by providing one or more marked crosswalks. For example, a busy city street may include four intersections, complete with streetlights and crosswalks. By adding marked crosswalks between each of the four intersections, the marked crosswalks provide pedestrians with additional options for safer crossing. 

The N.C. Department of Transportation selects locations for marked crosswalks at between intersections based on the following: 

  • Number of pedestrians crossing in that location

  • Speed of vehicles
  • Proximity to other crosswalks or intersections

  • History of pedestrian safety at that location

Marking a pedestrian crosswalk between intersections with parallel white lines or wide white bars increases the visibility of the crosswalk to oncoming drivers. It also provides the pedestrian with the right of way since drivers must yield to pedestrians in a marked crosswalk.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons ​​

A rectangular rapid flashing beacon is a warning device that uses rapidly flashing amber LED lights to supplement pedestrian warning signs.  It is not a traffic control device, but rather serves to alert drivers of the presence of any pedestrians in the crosswalk. This warning device is activated by a pedestrian pushing a button on the beacon pole.

Median Refuge Islands

A median refuge island (or crossing area) refers to a raised area in the center of the road that is intended to help protect pedestrians who are crossing the road. Median refuge islands can help improve safety by allowing pedestrians to cross one direction of traffic at a time. It also provides better visibility of the crossing for approaching drivers.​

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons​

A pedestrian hybrid beacon is a device used to assist pedestrians in marked crosswalks and control traffic at locations without signal lights. 

It is activated by a pedestrian pushing a button on the beacon pole. Pedestrian hybrid beacons are used when it is difficult for pedestrians to cross a roadway (gaps in traffic or the speed limit is over 35 mph).

4/16/2024 3:22 PM