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2020 N.C. Transportation Summit

​​​​​Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020

General Sessions

​Opening Session
Speakers: Marc Finlayson, Mike Fox, Jim Trogdon
Keynote Speaker: Tony Seba, Author of Clean Disruption and Co-Founder of RethinkX

General Session 1

Speaker: Jim Trogdon

NC F1RST Commission: Reflections on Creating Change

Welcome: Tony Lathrop

Moderators: Ward Nye, Nancy McFarlane

Panelists: The Honorable James B. Hunt, Jr., Anita Brown-Graham, General Dan K. McNeill (Ret.)

General Session 2 - Data in the Autonomous and Connected World
Moderator: Hugh Overholt

Panelists: Eric Boyette, Venkat Motupalli, TJ Costello

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Planning Beyond Boundaries​

Moderator: Grady Hunt

Panelists: Jennifer Mitchell, Trish Hendren, Robert Hiett

​Session 2: Bringing Smart Mobility into Smart Communities

Moderator: Samuel Bowles

Panelist: Zoe Eather

Session 3: Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled

Moderator: Thomas Taft

Panelist: Beth Osborne

Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020

General Sessions

​General Session 3 - Impact of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles on Logistics

Moderator: John Pope

Panelists: Philip Aiello, Wade Long, Ritchie Huang

Reflections from North Carolina Policymakers

Moderators: Cullie Tarleton, Tom Campbell

Panelists: Sen. Jim Burgin, Rep. Becky Carney, Vivian Jones

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: 3-D Printing

Moderator: Lisa Mathis

Panelist: Bobby Lewis 

Moderator: Grady Hunt

Session 2: Training and Educating the Workforce of Tomorrow

Moderator: Michael Alford

Panelists: Peter Hans, Walt Warren

Session 3: Urban/Rural Connections

Moderator: Jack Debnam

Closing: Dirk Cody

Panelists: Rob Hites, Lisa Hughes, Joel Strickland

Session 4: Impact of Drones on Medicine

Moderator: Valerie Jordan

Panelists: Stuart Ginn, M.D., Rachel Carlstrom

Session 5: Building for Resiliency

Moderator: Allen Moran, Gus Tulloss

Panelists: Don Berchoff, Deborah Matherly

Session 6: Future Technology of Personal Mobility

Moderator: Nina Szlosberg-Landis

Panelists: Ryan Westrom, Juliet Hirni

Session 7: Change is Coming, But Have You Thought About…(NC Go! and NC Metro Mayors)

Welcome: Billy Clarke

Moderator: Beau Mills

Panelists: Marc Finlayson, Jeff Hill, Lisa Poger


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