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Traffic to Shift to New Alignment on N.C. 56 in Creedmoor

​CREEDMOOR – An N.C. Department of Transportation contractor is set to shift traffic to its new alignment on N.C. 56 where it intersects U.S. 15 and N.C. 50 in Creedmoor.

The contractor has installed the new signal at the intersection and anticipates traffic will be shifted completely to the new alignment by 4 p.m. Friday, weather permitting.

The realignment creates a direct tie between West Lake Road (N.C. 56) and Wilton Avenue (N.C. 56/N.C. 50), improving traffic flow by eliminating the turns needed to stay on N.C. 56 in the Creedmoor city limits. Prior to the shift, drivers headed east on N.C. 56 had to make a series of turns to stay on the highway as it followed West Lake Road to Durham (U.S. 15) and Wilton avenues.

The new two-lane, median-divided connector has been constructed to the north of the existing West Lake Road.

Once the shift is complete, a new alignment for West Lake Road will branch off the N.C. 56 connector.

The project, which also includes sidewalks that connect to a city sidewalk project, is scheduled to be complete next month.


6/11/2020 9:42 AM