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Water Sports Enthusiasts Urged to Steer Clear of Rodanthe Bridge Project

​​The Rodanthe 'Jug Handle' Bridge project is under construction in Pamlico Sound

​RODANTHE – The N.C. Department of Transportation is reminding water sports enthusiasts on Pamlico Sound to stay at least ‘a football field away’ from the Rodanthe ‘Jug Handle’ Bridge as work accelerates on the $145 million project.

The area around the bridge is considered an active construction zone, and safety is the main concern.

“There are cranes moving & swinging heavy loads, and bridge workers on boats and under bridge lifts all around the project,” said project engineer Pablo Hernandez. “It’s just not a safe place for jet skis, kayaks and kiteboards right now. We’d like them to stay at least 300 feet away from the bridge, which is easy to visualize since it’s the length of a football field”

The project, which will take N.C. 12 over Pamlico Sound to bypass a section of the highway susceptible to flooding, is expected to be complete in the fall of 2021.


7/17/2020 10:43 AM