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Harkers Island Drawbridge Closed to Boats

UPDATE – The Harkers Island drawbridge has been repaired and can open to boat traffic beginning at 4 p.m. today.

See the original release below.​

HARKERS ISLAND – The Harkers Island drawbridge is closed temporarily to boat traffic. 

Earlier this week, N.C. Department of Transportation bridge maintenance staff determined the drawbridge would not open, so boats could not pass through. NCDOT determined it was due to failed gears that are used to open and close the bridge. 

With additional NCDOT inspectors, staff will continue to examine the scope of the repairs needed and will then determine a timeline of when it can reopen to boat traffic. Vehicles are still permitted to cross. 

When more information is available, NCDOT will provide another update. 

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8/28/2020 12:50 PM