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Relief Coming for Transylvania County Road

​BREVARD – Relief is coming to drivers who regularly use Becky Mountain Road in Transylvania County but find it blocked by big rigs.

An N.C. Department of Transportation crew will install a set of “No Thru Trucks” signs on the road which features a curvy section where trucks are unable to proceed. 

The signs will be posted near both intersections with U.S. 276. Navigation systems often direct vehicles to Becky Mountain Road as a shortcut for Greenville Highway, U.S. 276. 

A new North Carolina ordinance states that Becky Mountain Road is a narrow, winding two-lane roadway with poor horizontal and vertical alignment, and that trucks are caught in the low-speed horizontal curves creating safety and capacity issues for themselves, other motorists and the local community. 

“Hopefully this will reduce the number of incidents on Becky Mountain Road and provide safer traffic conditions for residents,” Division 14 Traffic Engineer Steven Buchanan said. “We hope truck drivers continue on U.S. 276 instead of trying to save a few minutes on an impassable shortcut.”​


9/25/2020 3:18 PM