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NC Quick Pass Customers Save on Tolls

RALEIGH – The North Carolina Turnpike Authority intends to resume billing procedures for late payments for NC Quick Pass invoices on Monday, October 26. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective April 3, 2020, NC Quick Pass invoice past due procedures were suspended in order to provide much needed financial relief to customers.

NC Quick Pass encourages all customers to look out for invoices as late fees will be assessed for bills not paid on time. Customers can avoid potential fees by signing up for an NC Quick Pass transponder, and will also save 35 percent on future tolls.

Transponders can be used throughout North Carolina on any tolled facility and can also be used on toll roads that accept E-Pass, E-ZPass, I-Pass, Peach Pass and SunPass as a payment method.​

 To find the best transponder for your travel needs visit or call 1-877-769-7277, or visit a customer service centers, located in Monroe and Charlotte.


10/22/2020 3:38 PM